A Little Junior Derby Vignette

Wrote this after Head Reffing a Junior Roller Derby bout. Not entirely sure where I’m going to go with it but I’m liking the characters and such so far so we’ll see.



Hearing the official’s call, the Little Monsters’ jammer drops lower, her blue eyes glancing at the opposing jammer trying to gauge which direction she’ll go. Something tells Valkyrie that she’ll try and cut high and take the outside lane which is exactly where Val wants to go.


Fine. It’s on. Valkyrie thinks glancing up at the scoreboard. The Monsters are up by 3 but this is the last jam and if she can’t get lead and hold them off, they’ll lose the bout. Not gonna happen, she thinks fiercely, rocking onto her toe stops as Loki’s music pulses through her. The Little Monsters form a wall of blockers on the other side of the Belles from Valkyrie. All except Typhoid who managed to get herself into the Belle’s line. The twins, Frik and Frak, are hip to hip ready to help Valkyrie or more likely block the Belle’s jammer.


The whistle sounds starting the jam and immediately a skater in Monster’s green slams into the blocker in front of her. Typhoid Mary, Valkyrie’s offensive blocker, doing her job and making the opening for her teammate.


There’s my hole! Shoving off, Valkyrie cuts toward it, trying to stay aware of the Belle’s jammer as she does. Within moments the hole starts to close but not before she can get a grip on Typhoid’s belt and uses it to propel herself through the gap.


Two more strides has Valkyrie breaking through the pack and hearing the exhilarating sound of two whistle blasts. Glancing to the left she sees Critical Hit, her jam ref, pointing and holding up his hand, the signal that she’s the lead jammer. And a grunt of success tells her that Typhoid just put a big hit on the other jammer as she tried to sneak through.


YES!! Valkyrie shouts internally, a fist pumping in victory. Looking up at the clock, the blond skater sees that there is still twenty seconds left on the clock. Maybe I can score a few more. With that she puts on a burst of speed, accelerating around the track. Her ice blue skate wheels are a blur as she flies around the turns, long legs crossing over to maintain her speed, and pale blond braid trailing behind her.  


Moving this fast across the track, the spectators a blur, Valkyrie imagines herself with wings, golden and glowing, spread out behind her.The wind on her face and the blur of the fans make it feel almost like she’s flying.


Within seconds the pack is back in view, a wall of Belle’s and Tyhpoid now hovering like some kind of avenging angel waiting to strike.


A quick glance over her shoulder, shows Valkyrie that the other jammer is only thirty feet or so behind her and catching up. Let’s do this, she thinks focusing on the players in front of her, trying to anticipate where her teammate will make the hole this time. One of the Belle’s blockers looks back and sees Valkyrie, calling to her own teammates, “Green Jammer coming up!”


Her lips twitching in an almost smile, Valkyrie uses the sudden attention to swing wide, pulling the blockers with her. And giving her own blocker a perfect target.


“Typhoid!!” signals Valkyrie as she cuts hard to the inside, just as her teammate expecting the calls pushes to the outside catching one of the blockers and shoving them into their own teammates.


Flying through the hole, Valkyrie immediately starts tapping her waist turning to Crit so he can clearly see her calling off the jam. With a smile of his own, the dark haired boy blows four short blasts on his whistle ending the jam and the bout for Valkyrie and her Monsters.