Path of the Cardboard Rainbow Circles

While in HQ for some internal meetings, I was walking from the office to my hotel and I started to see these suns? circular rainbows? Not sure what they were meant to be but they were circles of cardboard about a foot in diameter with rings of colors. They were hung and attached at various points along the alleyway route that I take like some kind of guideposts on a trip. One hanging from a door knob, another taped to the back of a sign, a third attached to a stake shoved into a planter.

As I walked I started to look for them to see if I could figure out what they were, or where they lead. My mind started to concoct some kind of secret scavenger hunt narrative to explain these objects that were every ten feet or so for the half mile walk. Just as I was nearing the end of my trek, they disappeared. I couldn’t find another one.  Did I reach the end? Was I supposed to go through the door that the last one was attached to?

Not knowing the area and not being quite that adventurous, I shook my head and carried on to the hotel. Riding the elevator up, I resolved that the next day I would take a picture of one of them to show my local coworkers, see if they had any idea what I had found.

But the next day my mysterious ‘yellow brick road’ was gone. All the signs had been taken down from one afternoon to the next morning, further adding to the mystery.  For two days now I have kept an eye out for my little cardboard circular rainbows but they haven’t made a reappearance.

So now I am left to wonder about what would have happened if I had followed that last one through the door. Maybe I will write some story playing out the fantastical things that could have been found at the end of that path not taken.