First Sentences

So for christmas this year I got “What If?” a book of writing exercises. I am going to try and crank out a new one once a week. The first one is to write 10 first sentences. Here’s my crack at it. Any thoughts/opinions is greatly appreciated.

  1. James stared at the cracked shell of the subway train, letting the memories of those few minutes inside before it flipped wash over him.
  2. “Liam, we’re over.”
  3. The rain washed over David as he held Valeria, the most annoying, frustrating, beautiful, courageous woman he’d ever met and ignored questions of what they were to do about those in the manor house behind them.
  4. “You’re sending me to Science Camp?”
  5. The press of college students in the Spring pressed in around me, the guys and girls desperate to get out of Psych 101 and into the beautiful Spring day, I had wanted that to before last summer and night at the lake.
  6. If asked what one object could completely change your life, I never would have said one can of spray paint.
  7. I stared at the picture of Melissa and I holding each other under a waterfall, remembered how beautiful she looked that day in the Smokies.
  8. Slowly I crept through the open window, taking every pain to keep as quiet as possible until I caught my chucks on the windowsill and tumbled face forward into the principal’s office.  James Bond, I am not.
  9. Damon stared out the window at the moon and stars as the day ended on the most bizarre fourteenth birthday I had ever had.
  10. How had this happened?

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